Tivoli Green City: Information Meeting, June 21st 2016

16 June, 2016Back

A new participatory workshop on the new sustainable neighbourhood, Tivoli, will be held at Greenbizz.brussels on Tuesday 21st June from 18:30 to 20:30.

From 2019, more than a thousand new residents will settle in the sustainable neighbourhood, Tivoli Green City, as will other users, including workers, visitors and so on. It will be a real challenge for all the residents and users of this neighbourhood to live together!

The first workshop, held on April 26th, (read the report), helped to address a series of topics regarding the life of the future neighborhood (security, integration of new residents, management of the central area and the roads etc.) and to identify the first steps that could be taken: meetings between residents to help them get to know each other, working groups made up of those who are affected by the public space most of all (Asbl BRAVVO, schools, Le Foyer Laekenois housing association, the police etc.), the setting up of a residents committee, a charter and so on.

During the meeting taking place on 21st June, we will go into these initial steps in depth with a representative from citydev.brussels, Asbl BRAVVO and a representative from the city of Brussels.  This will also give us the opportunity to focus on the work planned for the coming months.

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