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Wood Harmony is a carpentry business that creates wood products for indoor and outdoor applications. Our approach is underpinned by a local, environmentally responsible philosophy that we apply at every stage, from design to manufacturing. Our workshop uses cutting-edge wood dust filters. Our projects can optionally be built using wood from sustainably managed local forests. We also offer the possibility of using reused wood and hardware. 



WeSmart is an open platform solution for managing your company’s energy use. Using cloud technology to connect multiple sensors and meters, WeSmart’s software processes the data and offers a clean, user-friendly display. Their mission is to engage people in smart energy by providing a real-time IOT platform with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence for a simpler and greener world.



We develop, engineer, finance, implement and operate projects with 100% renewable energy. Our mission is to develop renewable energy in a sound socially responsible and sustainable manner. Our goal is to unite public policy and area characteristics, landowners, local authorities, citizens’ initiatives, residents, NGOs, etc., and shape the interests into the implementation of concrete projects, with an emphasis on wind energy.



Visuality facilitates and accelerates impactful change towards a more sustainable and conscious society through visuals. As a visual consultancy, they offer graphic facilitation, graphic recording, and visual storytelling services. They facilitate interactive workshops for companies and organizations and give trainings on visual thinking for personal and business use.



Velosolutions is one of the world leaders in the construction of Pumptrack, Bike Park and Bike Trail. Velosolutions has more than 300 references worldwide and has developed an expertise that adapts and responds to the needs of its customers, whether they are public entities, companies or individuals. With the Pumpforpeace.org project, they also support projects in Southern countries.



Togo Techs Services offers companies and individuals services for reusing computers and recycling computer equipment. We also specialise in products and services for securing and optimising information systems, networks and company infrastructure, and offer website services and an IT repair service.



Delicious, responsible food for local communities.
TCO SERVICE offers traditional, high-quality cuisine with a responsible and sustainable approach.
It demonstrates a multifaceted commitment to sustainable food: choosing organic products, respecting biodiversity, using short supply chains and high-quality certified basic ingredients, adopting cooking techniques that respect the products used, using less meat, focusing on employee training, avoiding food waste, etc.



Reconfort + is a company that specialises in ecoconstruction. The team uses environmentally-friendly renovation and rebuilding techniques and is constantly looking for new and innovative “green” technologies. The environmental dimension of Réconfort + is inseparable from its social purpose. The company makes significant investments in continuing education for its employees.



Poppy is the first free floating shared mobility app in Europe offering cars but also e-scooters and electric kick scooters in Antwerp and Brussels. Register for free and receive 10 Poppycredits!



PlantDesign puts creativity and the surprise effect into the use of plants. Plant walls, company landscaping, events, decoration of commercial spaces… PlantDesign decorates with plants combining colour, form, texture, relief and contrast in space and time so that in each stage of the wall’s life, aestheticism and surprise remain.



Inspired by his passion for beer, Maxime Dumay, the founder of No Science, decided to establish his brewery at Greenbizz, at the heart of Brussels, to brew characterful beers while fundamentally steering away from typical Belgian production techniques. His beers are called Noisy, Heavy and Psycho… Their flavours mix bitterness with fruity, floral, woody and coffee aromas…



Nathalie MALANDA is a lawyer active in the areas of financial regulation, insurance law as well as asylum & migration law, with a focus on human rights law.
She is also keen to explore innovative areas of law as she is interested in issues of data protection, new governance models and alternative dispute resolution.


Fuel Matrix is a company that designs solutions for the transition of vehicles into a greener future economy. The company has developed a technology that alters the intermolecular forces of hydrocarbon fuels to make them burn more efficiently in combustion engines. By developing this new kind of fuel, Fuel Matrix has been able to: cut emission up to -80%, make fuel savings, and self-financed depollution.



Mamé Noka is a fairtrade coffee roaster. Each coffee source is carefully chosen according to strict traceability criteria. It is important to the company that its consumers know exactly where their products come from, how they are harvested at the farms and their journey through Europe. Mamé Noka favours quality and ensures that there is a local economic impact for the producer.



Lumency SPRL is a research and innovation company focusing on integrated “Smart City” solutions, specialising in energy economies through smart lighting, in environmental monitoring systems by way of an integrated detection device and in ICT-based platforms for third party developers.


KICKOFF[ICE] Architects

KICKoff[ice] Architects designs every project from an innovative perspective with a love for urban design. It wants to create added value for all of the players involved in the construction process. The quality of its creations is the result of in-depth analysis to find daring and unusual solutions. Excellent coordination of environmental and socio-economic aspects enable it to contribute to a better environment and provide significant added value for its clients.



Wolf Jordan produces and sells natural construction and decoration materials. A pioneer in the sector, it updates old techniques to develop ecological products. The raw materials used are both environmentally-friendly and local and include lime and hemp. Wolf Jordan also trains entrepreneurs to better renovate with innovative products.



Hytchers is a delivery solution that allows e-commerce companies to send their packages via a network of relay points. Thanks to a mobile application, private individuals (parcel-poolers) can check if parcels are available on their route, pick them up and drop them at a partner shop further ahead. This way, they accumulate credit that allows them to reimburse the fuel used for the ride.



GUDULE is an urban winery, in the movement of the city, in this emulation of all the senses. We produce, age and blend wines that bring people together. Our winery aims to produce exclusively organic wines for the most local and direct distribution possible. By providing us with our precious raw material, our winegrower friends entrust us with the soul of their terroir. And it is in the heart of Brussels that we strive to get the best out of it.



go4green develops, manages from A to Z and finances energy projects for residential and tertiary
buildings (schools, offices, hotels, administrative buildings). The objective is to reduce the energy consumption (so less CO2 emissions) and for their customers to gain money in all serenity. The keywords that fit the long-term vision of go4green are: solid professionalism, trust and respect.



FoodWIN is the European Food Waste Innovation Network supporting cities to reduce food waste. FoodWIN supports cities to draw up an action plan to reduce food waste at its territory and helps implementing concrete measures. Think of reducing food waste at canteens, awareness raising etc. FoodWIN also supports a European network of 200+ innovators (think of apps that connect food surplus to social organizations or restaurants using food surplus).



REDUCE – REUSE – REINSERT are Enprobel’s watchwords. This start-up active in the collection of used cooking oil, since October 2017, and managed by 2 young Brussels entrepreneurs, has succeeded in collecting more than 400 tons of used oil and does not intend to stop there! Their goal? To improve everyone’s quality of life, to save the oil that ends up in the pipes and to spare Mother Nature.



“En stoemelings” is a brewery with its origins in the Marolles district. Its goal is simple: to make great beer in Brussels, naturally, and to sell it locally. After nearly two years in business, our project is expanding and is taking root at Greenbizz. Our philosophy hasn’t changed. We’re determined to produce quality beer, accessible to all, while promoting the sustainable values which are important to us, including transport by bicycle and recycling of our waste!



Elite-Interim is an interim agency offering human resources expertise to both clients and jobseekers.
Elite-Interim’s recruitment process is carried out bespoke to its clients’ requirements and with a simplified and transparent administration.



In an agglomeration like Brussels, more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions come from construction, of which heating is the main source. Ecothermis wants to contribute to a necessary revolution in this area by offering SMEs complete low carbon heating solutions, including technical solution, financing, request for premiums, maintenance as well as monitoring and optimization of consumption.



Dzerostudio Architects is an architects bureau with a straightforward approach to contemporary architecture combined with sustainability. They carry out a broad range of missions, from developing eco urban areas to designing single-family homes in residential neighbourhoods. Dzerostudio also has experience in commercial developments as well as schools. They regularly participate in round tables and hold conferences on sustainable construction in Belgium and across Europe.


D44 Architecture

D44 Architecture is an architecture office focused on passive housing and tiny houses, with environmental concerns in mind. They are full of ideas, innovative and always ready to listen to the needs of their customers. D44 Architecture offers a range of services, from concepts and advice to interior design, including planning permits, to execution plans and construction supervision.



Climate-Scale is an innovative on-demand climate information service offering localised climate change impact insights for a wide range of applications and transforming climate observations and modeling data into customized products such as forecasts, trends, and risk maps that support climate informed decision making in the public and private sectors.



Just Wash is an online platform that allows you to order a carwash at home, in one click. The user books online and a washer goes to the indicated place to clean the car. Just Wash’s mission is to simplify the life of motorists while preserving the environment. To do this, the cleaning of cars is done without water, saving up to 200l of water per cleaning.



CityFab One is a fablab open to all dedicated to digital manufacturing. Short for “fabrication laboratory”, a fablab enables the creation of computer-modelled objects using 3D printers, laser cutters, digital milling machines, etc. CityFab One is first and foremost a place for exchange, sharing and training in technical skills to learn to imagine and create objects.



Brussels Food Business Center welcomes passionate entrepreneurs or starters and helps them develop their business in the food sector with a minimal investment. BFBC offers professional and modern kitchens, storage spaces, as well as valuable business support thanks to its know-how.



Architenko is a creative and dynamic studio for urban planning and architecture.
Within the studio they try to create a sustainable and creative working and living environment with every project! On the one hand this with respect for the urban and natural landscape, on the other hand with a commitment to promote social development, well-being and economic growth.



We develop manufacturing software solutions allowing to visualize, quantify and optimize operations in industrial environments. We also provide lean consulting and lean training. Our goal is to overcome industrial complexity thanks to technology while leading our clients to operational excellence. AMIA Systems is a spin-off from the “Université Libre de Bruxelles” based in Belgium.



Agifly is a flexible and innovative digital co-creation agency with extensive experience in IT design and development. Their multidisciplinary team offers several services in co-creation format such as: Design Thinking (UX/UI), Desktop Development, Webapp Development and Mobile Development.


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