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4 July, 2016Back

A new occupant in, Green Crossroads is a consulting company specializing in sales development support and project management in Africa for businesses or non-profit organizations involved in sustainable projects across the continent.

Green Crossroads is currently involved in several environmental projects: Development of a national e-waste management strategy in the D.R. Congo for the World Bank, Feasibility study on car recycling in West-Africa for Port of Antwerp International, Development of a biomass storage & processing site for the Flemish Government in Belgium, Start-up of a plastic recycling company in Cameroon, SMEs support to help them reducing their energy use.
Its team believes that entrepreneurship is the engine that will fuel the growth of the African continent and the success of future business ventures will take root in the sustainability of their projects. The emphasis is on responsible entrepreneurship for a long-term positive impact. By uniting the strengths of Europe and Africa, in a spirit of partnership, the company aims to create win-win-win situations with regard to economic, social and environmental objectives.

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