450€ for our Coworkers !

27 August, 2019Back

Did you know?
Greenbizz’ coworking is from now on acknowledged by “Bruxelles Economie et Emploi”.
As a coworker, you can benefit from a bonus going to 450 € !

For who ?

♦ Private individuals, domiciled in Brussels having a project to create or take over a company.

♦ Micro-business based in Brussels, who are registered less than 3 years in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises.
The activity sectors for the bonus ⇒ Find them here

Apply for the bonus in only two steps :

  1. Conclude a contract
    This contract must be concluded for minimum 2 months full-time or 3 months part-time, and at the latest three months after the announcement of the grant decision.
  2. Apply for the bonus
    Fill in the apply-document with the asked attachments at the latest three months after the signature of the contract.
    – For private individuals : here
    – Voor micro-business : here

Receive the bonus !

After applying, you receive an acknowledgement of receipt from Bruxelles Economie et Emploi after maximum one month.
Then, the total bonus will be paid at once.

Coworking at Greenbizz ?

Greenbizz offers very beneficial rates: from € 125 Excl. VAT / month for a half-time up to € 200 Excl. VAT / month for a full-time formula.
More information about our spaces and our services: www.greenbizz.brussels or info@greenbizz.brussels.


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