Lumency, Laureate Becircular In the 3R Thematics: Repare, Reuse, Recycle

4 December, 2017Back

Lumency will integrate circular economic principles into the LED-lighting industry.

The transition towards LED lighting is going faster than expected. The lifetime of many LED-systems is estimated between 5 and 7 years. This means that in the coming years a lot of electronic waste will be created due to those LED systems that have to be replaced.

Lumency has discovered that about 80% of those lamps can be refurbished and even improved by integrating some smart electronic devices in the LED infrastructure. This way the lifetime of existing LED infrastructure can be almost doubled !

In this project we will create a repair and refurbish line such that we can refurbish industrial LED lamps at a reasonable cost and such that we can turn a classic industrial LED lamp into a smart LED lamp. For the DIY users we will create a digital Library of parts which can be manufactured in a fab lab and electronic circuit boards, which will allow them to refurbish their LEDs to smart LEDs.


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